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Golf Tournament Directors

Secure more sponsorships, book more spots, and create successful tournaments that keep attendees and sponsors coming back.

Organizing a charity golf tournament is stressful enough. We make the process much easier and more profitable for your charity.

The margins for charity golf outings are usually low, so you have to maximize the opportunity that you get to create successful events. PHOTOFore!™ helps you maximize profits for your charity golf outings while making your job as the organizer easier.

On average, a golf tournament’s net profit is only about $5,000. That’s a lot of work on your part for very little return.

That’s where PHOTOFore!™ comes in––we routinely help our customers secure 5 to 20 percent more in net profits for their charity tournaments.

We offer a variety of services for charity golf tournament directors, including:

  • Sponsorship placements. Need sponsors for your upcoming event? We keep an active network of businesses who love to sponsor events like yours. We secure sponsorships for your tournament so you don’t have to. This is a free service for golf tournament directors.
  • Providing on-site photography and printing photo keepsakes. This creates a great experience for your attendees and sponsors alike, which helps you secure more spots and repeat business and makes your job much easier.
  • Advertising your tournament. We run this service for a small fee, you sell the advertising at our suggested rate, and you keep the difference.

For sponsorships, we have two options available to best fit your needs:

Option A: We find sponsors for your tournament. We find the advertisers, the advertisers pay for our services, and PHOTOFore!™ makes a charitable donation back to your tournament.

This option is perfect if you don’t want the stress of acquiring sponsors for your events. We handle all of the correspondence for you and secure winning sponsorships for your tournament, while providing incentives like our photo prints, which generate at least 10,000 impressions for your sponsors per tournament.

We already have existing connections with great sponsors. These are companies who routinely sponsor charity golf outings.

Option B: Provide your own sponsors. In this case, all you have to do is pay us a flat fee for our services.

This is the perfect option if you already have a base of sponsors to work with, and you’d like to keep more of the net profits from your tournaments.

Don’t take our word for it! Check out testimonials from local organizations that loved our services.

I just wanted to touch base and again thank you for doing the photography for our golf tournament. It was truly a great addition to our tournament and we are very grateful that we were able to work with you.

Schuylkill Valley Girls Softball Association

Using the PHOTOFore!™ services made our event pop off the page! With the take home photos, participants were able to keep a part of their experience, with the ability to share it with friends and family immediately. We would definitely use this service again; our guests loved it and we experienced the highest level of professionalism.

Junior Achievement of Southeastern Pennsylvania

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