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Give back to the community while gaining effective exposure for your company.

We offer two powerful tools to companies of all sizes: community outreach opportunities, and a targeted marketing tactic that works.

Want to give back to your community? We make it easy for you to exactly that while giving you access to powerful marketing opportunities for your brand.

When you sponsor a tournament, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the organization in charge of the tournament in the name of your company.

You also enjoy the benefit of having your logo printed on our marketing materials, creating lasting impressions for you brand with a very specific target audience.

More tournaments = more savings.

Brands can purchase tournaments in bulk to enjoy price breaks. This not only saves you money because of the price breaks themselves, it also saves you time – you don’t have to search for new tournaments to sponsor for the upcoming season, because you have already pre-purchased a set number.

Our price breaks for brands who would like to advertise and sponsor tournaments are as follows:

2 tournaments – 5% discount (savings of $XX)
5 tournaments – 10% discount (savings of $XXX)

Price breaks are also available for those who purchase more space for their logos on their prints, similar to how you would purchase advertising in a newspaper.

Sponsorship & Community Building

When you work with us as a sponsor, a portion of the proceeds will go to the charity as a donation in the name of your company. This lets you give back to your community and create a charitable legacy for your brand.

If your company has charitable initiatives or community building initiatives, serving as a sponsor at one of our tournaments can help you fulfill them with ease.

If you would like to sponsor a charitable golf tournament but you’re not sure where to start, we can connect you with a network of upcoming charitable golf tournaments so you can choose from a variety of causes. We also do all of the work of securing the sponsorship and making sure that a donation is made in the name of your company.


Your company sponsors the cost of our services for the event. On average, a golf tournament has 60-80 golfers. Every golfer receives a keepsake print with your company logo on it. We routinely get 100% participation in our photography services at charity golf outings.

For marketing purposes, we will place your logo on our keepsake photo prints which all of the attendees receive as part of the tournament. Our goal is to give your business great exposure to lots of golfers––the exact demographic that you’re trying to reach.

Tournament attendees put the prints wherever they’d like––from their refrigerators to their social media profiles––which gives your logo a lot of natural, organic reach. Our photo prints for each tournament receive about 10,000 impressions on average.

With our photo prints hanging around for an average of 12 to 18 months, all of these impressions really add up. It means your logo gets a great amount of lasting exposure. This is perfect for local businesses as well as companies with a national reach.

We have a huge network of golf tournament booking agents and directors who we work with on a regular basis and would be delighted to have you sponsor their events. Let us work our network to fill up your pipeline of tournaments to sponsor.

Check out these testimonials from local companies who loved the dual benefits of sponsoring a tournament while securing powerful marketing opportunities.

This advertising creates a great connection to our prospects and clients!

Fleetwood Bank

Following the golf outing…we were hired by 6 new clients!

L&L Services

PHOTOFore!™ has been a great addition to building our brand awareness!

Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center

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