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PHOTOFore!™ Affiliate Program

Use our guided affiliate program and resources to break into the niche golf tournament marketing industry.

Run your own business (with a little help from us.)

PHOTOFore!™ offers a unique opportunity for those who are looking to break into the golf tournament marketing field, but aren’t sure where to start.

This is a great niche market to break into. We’ve been in the golf tournament marketing industry for over five years, so we understand the ins and outs and want to help others succeed. When you become an affiliate, we work with your business to get you in contact with more potential clients, and help you make more money while serving a good cause.

We offer our affiliates a number of benefits:

  • Name recognition and marketing help. You get a boost for your business through name recognition. As an affiliate, you are able to use the PHOTOFore!™ brand in all of your marketing materials. Our existing partnerships with golf tournament directors and booking agents translate to you booking more jobs on a regular basis. You can work within our existing network of contacts to book tournaments while you’re still building your own network.
  • Ongoing check-ins for optimal success. Once you’re an affiliate, your success is our success. To that end, we hold monthly coaching calls with all of our affiliates, where we take time to address your concerns and give you tips to help you get ahead. We are here to give you all the support you need for running your business, such as walking you through the challenges you may have in securing advertisers and booking tournaments, and finding out who to speak to.
  • Run your own business without as much of the work. By launching and maintaining the PHOTOFore!™ brand while giving you access to our resources and network, you are able to benefit from what we do without putting in too much of the initial legwork. It’s difficult to run a business, so why not partner up with someone who’s already doing it? We started the momentum. You just help us keep it going.

We understand that this is a seasonal business, so we offer our affiliates the option to pay a yearly fee rather than paying monthly.

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