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Our Mission

We make charity golf tournaments more effective for everyone involved.

Changing the community, one charity golf tournament at a time.

We understand that the average charity golf tournament does not contribute much by way of profit for the organizers, and our mission is to change that by making charity golf tournaments more successful for everyone involved.

PHOTOFore!™ was started in 2012 with one goal: to make charity golf tournaments more effective.

We serve everyone involved in charity golf tournaments, contributing to the overall success of the tournament on all sides.

Better Sponsorships

We believe that charity golf tournaments are a great way to raise money for a good cause, but too often they are a lot of work for little return. We help to connect brands with tournament organizers who need sponsors in order to create more profitable tournaments.

Better Marketing

We market upcoming charity golf tournaments within our network to golfers who are interested in attending.

Better Experiences

When it comes to convincing people to come back again, the experience of the tournament itself is everything. We provide a variety of services to help attendees enjoy themselves, which encourages them to come back next time.

Dennis M. Kintzer


Dennis founded PHOTOFore!™ in 2012 with a vision: to make charity golf tournaments better for everyone involved, from the attendees to the organizers. The company’s multitude of happy clients is testimony to how well he’s done in not just reaching, but exceeding that goal.


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